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Boo Strap. The Ghost of Typo

Turning typos into a niche market.

Nowadays bloggers and SEO are fighting their battle for the visibility supremacy. The markets war moved from advertising age to content era.The battleground changes but the weapons are still similar.

Boo Strap. The Ghost of Typo
Creativity, and speed!

Taking advantage of the opportunity when you have the occasion and be the first works even in the content era. Being the first always pays. Since the competitors are every day more this battle needs strategy and quick response.

One of the solutions can be to choose a battleground that gives advantages, in other words this means moving the battle to niche markets. Less competitors means more opportunities and a stronger Google Authorship.

Ryan Freebern adopted a very interesting approach to this idea. He realize that there might be solution to monetize some traffic also from Twitter typos. So he developed with Node.js a small bot (a bot is a program that does automated tasks [Wikipedia]) that scans keywords on Twitter and when it discover a typo related (in this case) to the #bootstrap keyword, sends a funny message to its author. It looks fun as the msg comes from an user called @boostrapghost telling you: "Boo! strap. Looks like there's a typo in your tweet!".

Ryan’s Simple Twitter Bot can be downloaded from Github page and can be modified to work with any keywords and any ‘answer’ not just funny ones.

It comes natural to any user to correct the typo and have a laugh at the mistake but it also grants to the Bootstrap team (they should thanks Ryan) to get all the traffic that they might lose because of the typos! I could count an average of 5 typo a day!


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