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Il Poggio di Dorio

Il Poggio di Dorio website

This website was made with the Boostrap 3.x Framework. The client wanted a website for their complex of apartments for rent on the Lake of Como.

The website has been built around a graphic template that has been adapted using HTML5 and CSS3 to the Bootsrap 3 Framework. All the images of the apartments and the panorama, provided from the client, were photo retouched from the Jet Set Agency team and sliced to fits best with the responsive layout. We integrate some PHP scripting in order to make the website available in three different languages.

For the Social Media Marketing (SMM) campaign we suggest to begin with Twitter and Pinterest profiles. According to the needs of the client, we suggest them to not add others social networks yet.

Project Details

  • Project management
  • Bootstrap Framework Project
  • Graphic template configuration
  • Images photo retouch
  • Link: Il Poggio di Dorio
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