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What is important while we navigate, is that sooner or later we reach a safe harbor where we can find what we are looking for. Our goal is to make your harbor visible even in the fog.

What matters is to be reached, not just to be seen

We help our clients in every aspect of the project. Starting from the look and feel of the website, suggesting the best SEO and responsive design solutions according to latest search engines guidelines. We suggest the best frameworks, such as Bootstrap or Foundation, implementing graphic templates or studying dedicated layouts.

We suggest the way pages and their contents should be implemented in order to reach a wider audience and the best positioning on SERP.

We share our expertise to plan effectively SMM strategies that make brands visible on the social networks promoting their services and products. Building strategies that give results, not just followers. This is how we operate. Side by side with our client like sailors crew. Collaborating to bring the ship to the harbor.

Best elements for a working website

Project Management
Responsive Design
Search Engine Optimization
85% (without tricks)
Social layer activities

Project Management

To bring a ship from one harbor to another first you must trace a safe route, according to the condition of the sea, the weather, the hidden shoal and reefs. Same way a web site or an app first needs a good project and smart management of every resource to leads to success.

Web Design and optimization

Have a great ship it's not enough to be a good skipper, every detail must be taken into consideration from the condition of the deck to the supply of the storeroom and the safety equipment. For the same reasons products or services must be well exposed and presented with an original design and structured semantic contents.

SEO & Web Placement

You won't be hired if no one knows your ship and your skills no matter the quality of your service, it needs to be visible to offer your expertise and your products to the market. A good SEO strategy alone or combined with a SEM campaign can make you visible right to those who needs you.

Social Media Management

Reputation is also a key factor that could help to promote your business. It's strategic to have a presence on Social Media as it's very important to have a connection with potential clients, answer their questions and promote your new services with a Social Media Marketing campaign.

We are a network of freelancers and small firms, that provides a wide range of services tailor-made for your business needs in order to boost up your brand popularity and turn leads into clients. Even if you need some offline services, we can set up a dedicated team that gives you a full media strategy solution.

  • Web Design framework based (Bootstrap, Foundation...)
  • SEO SEM and SMM auditing and strategies
  • CMS implementation (Wordpress, Laravel...)
  • App design porting and development (iOS & Android)
  • Translations and localization
  • Digital Marketing

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